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*HOME* my annual winter show & sale

Hi everyone! I have been busy in the studio getting ready for HOME, my annual winter sale and I hope you can come. I will have my usual selection of bowls, mugs and cups, with a few *new* ceramic goodies.

Cash, cheque or credit.

My studio is located behind my home at 152 Hill Street. Check out the MAP !

There is only street parking available so you may have to take a bit of a walk! I will have a drop off location right behind my studio - drive down my back lane and look for the sign to guide you.

Why 'HOME'? I started to title my studio sales a while back to give them a more personal feel. I'm a small gig here, making pieces that are unique and never alike. I value individual interaction with the intention of finding people who respond to my work. I'm not sure if I want to grow in terms of production, but I do know I want to keep making what's in my heart.

My Eric and I tore down our garage last summer ourselves, as we decided it was time for me to move my studio HOME. Earthshaper Studio is the result and I am so lucky to be able to share my ceramic creations with you, from a place I love so much.


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