Hot coffee is the best coffee!  And these mugs are made to keep the heat in. Constructed a bit thicker and smaller than my standard mug, these mugs are perfect for lazy mornings;  it’s okay to have one more cup.


*note the handles are made for smaller hands!


Height: 4”

Diameter: 3.75”


Hand built using soft clay slabs, the pieces show my love of wild texture and my longing for contrast and order.


Red: passion and extreme.  A real firecracker colour that never ceases to get me moving.  Placed on top of my texture, this colour will believe in you from the moment you wake up.


White: successful beginnings and safety; a good clean start to your day (or evening).  White always helps me feel refreshed and reset.


Cone 6 electric fired


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Chunky Mugs - keep the heat in!

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