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Services for artists, by an artist.

Kiln Firing
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Are you a clay artist or enthusiast in Winnipeg but don’t have a kiln to complete the process?

Contact me to fire your clay work. I fire electric up to cone 6, 2232 F.


  • $45 for the small kiln - 2.63 cubic feet

  • $70 for the large kiln - 7 cubic feet

  • You are responsible for transporting the work to the kiln and unpacking it once you have arrived. 

  • No storage space available 

  • Contact me to arrange a drop off date for your work. Payment is due at pick up two days later. 

3D Art
SERVICES 3D Art Photography.JPG


I photograph my own artwork. I can photograph yours too!​


  • Setup fee $50.00, with an additional cost of $5.00 per piece

  • I photograph the piece from multiple angles, not exceeding 15 minutes per piece

  • You supply your own SD card.

Ceramic Consults


I often receive questions from folks asking about glazes, firing methods and clay bodies.


I am passionate about the medium I love most – clay.  I’d love to talk to you about what you want to achieve.  



  • Send me an email to book a consult.

  • $50.00 per hour, including the time it takes me to get to our rendezvous spot!  You can also visit me in my studio.

  • OR I can answer your questions via e-mail and invoice you for my time

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