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*HOME* 2023, a studio show & sale

I'd like to invite you to my *HOME* studio show and sale. My husband Eric and I are looking to move next year so this might be the last time I host in this space!

152 Hill Street in St. Boniface

Street parking as it's available. I find Dubuc Street often have more spots open.

My studio is located behind our house. There will be a sign on the boulevard and the side gate will be open to welcome you. Follow the sidwalk along the side of the house and it will take you right to the studio!

I'll be accepting cash and cards for payment.

My pal Janelle Janz will be joining me and you can see some of her work here:

I'm so happy to offer this event again, as the last time it happened was in 2019. I'm looking forward to seeing you in person and hope you can make it.

I also offer studio appointments that can fit in with your schedule if you won't be able to make my show and sale date. Contact me to arrange a time if this option is for you!


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