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Plant & *handmade* Planter Sale


You can check out the Facebook event here:

I've often thought, over the past couple of months, what can I do to be a positive force? Not to say that before Covid-19 or Black Lives Matter this question didn't exist inside me. Rather, it has bubbled to the surface buoyed on top of all the current world events, including our ever-present climate change pandemic; a good reminder that some are more lucky than others and can afford the luxury of this question. There are many people just trying to get through the next 24 hours.

At first I thought the answer was completely changing my life's work. I should go into healthcare or work for a non-profit; I should become a lawyer and fight for justice against the big corporations who seem to think money is the point of life and only the rich should 'win.'

Then I got a phone call from my 84 year old neighbour. She asked me if I had any dish soap as she had run out. So I put some dish soap in a jar, sanitized it and left it for her on her doorstep after spending some time talking with her on the phone. I realized that you have the ability to be a positive force everyday on a small scale should you choose to. I realized that the only hopeless thing about life is to think it's hopeless.

I had planned on having a plant and planter sale in June. The idea sprouted last summer when my plant collection started to get out of hand. It began with one successful propagated plant and slowly spread until my studio was filled with lovely green hues. Once the pandemic hit and we all tried to stay home as much as possible, taking care of my plants became more important to me. It was an act of hope.

I want to share my hope with you, and have ganged up with two of my potter-ceramic-artist friends to host a sale of plants and other handmade ceramic goodies.

We ask that you complete the self-screen test before coming:

We don't expect this to be a busy event. We will be spaced out with ample distances between artists. Please maintain a 2 metre distance away from others. If you decide to come please consider wearing a mask to show other humans you care. If you decide not to wear a mask it is mandatory that you maintain a 2 metre distance between yourself and others you do not live with.

We will have hand sanitizer at the sale and a self-wrapping station.

Stay home if you are an older adult, have an underlying medical condition or have a compromised immune system.

Have questions? Send me an e-mail!


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