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*HOME* my 2019 winter studio sale

As our Earth's axis tilts and the Northern Hemisphere starts to experience a colder season, I find myself feeling nostalgic, closing inwards as I remember experiences from this past spring, summer and fall. My hands move in the studio to work these ideas out in clay and my journal overflows with memories as I start to add layers.

My annual winter studio show & sale, HOME, is right around the corner (or so it feels like!). I'm spending as much time in the studio as possible, unwinding thoughts to create patterns in clay as I build my textured pieces.

*HOME* is scheduled for December 13th 6-9pm and December 14th 10am - 5pm. A cozy little affair, this event is held in my studio behind my home in St. Boniface. As a small-batch ceramic artist, I value individual interaction with the intention of finding folks who respond to my work. I aim to make pieces that bring traces of nature into living spaces, connecting people to surfaces that tell stories of our planet's beauty.

I hope to see you at *HOME*

cash, cheque or e-transfer preferred. credit also accepted.


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